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The following services are utilized:

Evans-Haynes Burn Center is the regional resource for the care of acute burns and reconstructive needs of burn survivors, and for people injured from fire, chemical, scalds, electrical burns and skin loss injuries from diseases. Under the medical direction of Dr. Michael Feldman, the burn center is the only verified burn center in Virginia. Burn Center verification is a joint program of the American Burn Association (ABA) and the American College of Surgeons (ACS).

This 8-bed state of the art area is designed to care for adult patients needing critical care. Each room is equipped with a hose system that will allow staff to shower any patient regardless of their mobility. This system decreases the patient’s need to be moved to another area for washing purposes, thus allowing the patient to stay in a warm room with minimal exposure. The ICU rooms also have boom stations that support all equipment allowing the staff to have 360 degree access to the patient. A staff of more than 30 specially trained healthcare professionals oversees the needs of these patients regardless of their stage of recovery.

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The Evans-Haynes Burn Center is a 16-bed unit with eight-bed ICU and eight non-acute beds. We treat 250-300 patients per year including pediatric and adult burn patients. The Burn Center serves as the regional resource for the care of acute burns and reconstructive needs of burn survivors and provides care for people injured from fire, chemical, scalds, electrical burns and skin loss injuries and diseases.

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Procedure Room
The Burn Center has a state-of-the-art procedure room for the management of burn wounds. Designed to minimize the spread of wound infections, hydrotherapy bathes patients, cleans wound surfaces and allows the Burn Team to monitor progression of the healing process. The procedure room also is a designated area for our pediatric population; initiating wound care in the procedure room allows their room to be a safe place. The procedure room has the ability to be used as an operating room with lighting and ventilation to accommodate any procedures.

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Rehabiliative Care
Recovery from the burn process is often long and difficult due to the many complications that can develop as a result of the original burn. To oversee the needs of recovering burn patients we are staffed with highly trained physical and occupational therapists. They use a variety of machines and devices all designed to return the range of motion and loss of function commonly associated with the rehabilitative process.

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Burn Clinic / Outpatient Care
Specialized burn care is available to even the most minor of burn injuries. Burn surgeons are available to consult or follow up on burn patients who do not require hospitalization but may still benefit for the level of expertise that burn recovery demands.

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peer support


  • www.phoenix-society.org
    Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) is a program initiated by the Phoenix Society that was developed to provide a structured volunteer peer support program for survivors that can be implemented easily by hospital staff. After recovering from a burn injury many survivors look for ways to give something back to the caregivers at the hospital who have given so much to them. They also want to help new survivors. The program is designed to enable medical centers to create a pool of motivated and trained volunteers with a minimum expenditure of staff recourses.


  • A burn is the most traumatic injury a person can experience. It leaves an indelible mark upon survivors physically and emotionally, regardless of the extent of the injury or the circumstances around it. The people, stories and events leading up to an injury may be different but all who have been burned share a commonality — you are burn survivors. Burn survivors who attended included those with traumatic thermal, chemical, electrical, and inhalation injuries. Burn Survivor Sunday is our chance to recognize the extraordinary individuals whose lives have been affected by burn injuries, or have overcome their injuries, or are continuing on their journey to recovery. It is a day for survivors and their loved ones to celebrate life in a spirit of togetherness with other survivors and with those who have helped along the way.


  • www.vaburncamp.org
    The Central Virginia Burn Camp in Charlottesville provides a fun, safe and exciting summer camp for young burn survivors, designed to meet their social, physical and psychological needs. The free camp is for children ages 7 to 17 and is staffed by firefighters, occupational therapists, nurses and adult burn survivors.


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